Our Value
The motivation of SUNCUE's continuous research and innovation comes from our values
道心 is the heart of nature, it means that to be concerned about human beings
If the start point of a company is to make great contribution and help society
Naturally, the society will give you a good feedback in return.

Recycling in the eco-system & Endless care for the Earth

Key Elements of A Good Dryer
•The low-temp., even and speedy drying minimizes broken rice, raises milling rate and produces beautiful rice.
•Parts being worn by paddy are made of Stainless Steel, making a long-term professional use dryer.
•The dryer is equipped with foolproof design. The rice quality will be consistently high from the 1st, 100th and 1000th batch.
•Automatic moisture control prevents over-drying.
•Rice husk as a biomass fuel option minimizes drying cost.