Company profile

Company Profile
SUNCUE, established in 1966, has been a pioneer in the innovation of drying technology over the past 50 years.
‧Pursue the highest grain quality at the lowest drying cost—the greatest benefit for farmers.
‧SUNCUE dryers are designed for heavy duty. Highly durable, easy to operate and manage.
‧Use agricultural wastes such as rice husk, wood chips and corn cobs. Money-saving and eco-friendly.

Hornor & Recogniation
‧1979 Recognized as “Excellent Quality Factory”.
‧1982 Honored “Award of Good Manufacturer”.
‧1982 Honored “Award of Good Merchant”.
‧1984,1985,1987 “Award of Good Merchant in Taiwan”
‧1998 SGS ISO-9001 Certificated
‧2010 Honored “National Invention and Creation Awards -Contribution award”
‧2010 Honored “Scientific and Technological agribusiness-Excellent Innovation Award”
‧1982 SG series dryer "Golden Dragon Award"
‧1993 PRO series dryer grant for Japan Government’s Security Qualification.
‧1994 Honored “National Inventor’s Award of Taiwan”
‧1995 SUPER Series dryer “Outstanding Design Award”, “Superior Design Award”
‧1995 SUPER-60 Series dryer “Outstanding Design Award”
‧1995 SUPER Series dryer “Outstanding Design Award”
‧1995 SUPER Series dryer “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE  1995”
‧1996 SUPER Series dryer “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE  1996”
‧2003 HB-120 Husk Furnace Grain dryer “Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award”
‧2010 Infrared Radiation dryer SUPER-500e / SUPER-120e Series “TAIWAN EXCELLENCE  2010”
‧2010 Rice Husk Furnace Dryer SB130 / SB-80 / SB-40 Series“TAIWAN EXCELLENCE  2010”
“Small and Medium Enterprises Innovation Award”
‧2012 Rice Husk Furnace Dryer Series “Gold medal at the iENA 2012 in Nuremberg, Germany”
‧2013 Rice Husk Furnace Dryer Series "World Genius Convention Genius Gold Medal &
Special Genius Award in Tokyo, Japan"
‧2015 PHS-320 Series/PHS-1380B "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2015"
‧2016 MD-165 Series dryer "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2016"
‧2016 BB-18 Series dryer "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2016"
‧2016 SPC-50 Series professional pre-cleaner "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2016"
‧2021 Rice Husk Furnace SB-200 "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2021"
‧2021 SKS-480+/SKS-480D Series dryer "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2021"
‧2021 PHS 130 Series dryer "TAIWAN EXCELLENCE 2021"