SP-125 Series
NSP-168 Series
SK-45 Series
NSK-45 Series
SK-125 Series
Model SK-125(H) * SK-250(H) * SK-375(H) *
Storage capacity (liter) 125 L 250 L 375 L
Population around 1-2 around 3-5 around 6-8
Solar collecting area
( m²)
1.42 m² 2.84 m² 4.26 m²
Type of solar collector
Steel pipe
Type of circulation
Natural (cold water flows down, hot water rises up)
Install angle 15~25° ( facing South)
Material Frame, Reflective absorbing panel Non-magnetic stainless steel SUS304
Solar collector
Copper pipe special
Water Tank HDPE
Transparent cover Tempered and reinforced glass
Insulation material Glass fiber and resin foam
*Remark : (H) electric type. No Touch full automatic electric booster Electric Control Box or Micro Computerized Control Box is optional.
*Remark : Power requirement for Back-up heater : 1P/220V/4kW
Installation photos

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