Mode SB-40 SB-80 SB-130

Énergie thermique totale

380,000 kcal/h (env) 800,000 kcal/h (env) 1300,000 kcal/h (env)

Consommation d'enveloppes

128 kg / hr (approx) 270 kg / hr (approx) 420 kg / hr (approx)


17 kg / hr (approx) 36 kg / hr (approx) 55 kg / hr (approx)

Puissance totale en chevaux

4.68 kW 10.5 kW 16.75 kW

Séchoirs joints
(modèle x unité)

SUPER-60×3 (commercial paddy) SUPER-60×7 (commercial paddy) SUPER-60×13 (commercial paddy)
SUPER-120×3 (commercial paddy) SUPER-120×6 (commercial paddy) SUPER-120×10 (commercial paddy)
SUPER-300×1 (commercial paddy) SUPER-300×3 (commercial paddy) SUPER-300×5 (commercial paddy)
MD-165B×1 MD-165B×2 MD-165B×3

ˇ°Thermal energy, husk consumption and exhausted ash production listed are for reference only. Actural data will differ from variety, moisture content and impurity.
ˇ°Diversified Energy Selection : Husk, corn cobs (Pulverizer is required for breaking).
ˇ°Specification subject to change without notice.